Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Short-Term Rental Report

Airbnb Takes Another Step to Keep Users From Straying Off-Platform

  • Airbnb plans to discontinue its email alias feature, citing safety reasons and aiming to prevent direct bookings outside of its platform.
  • Property manager Red Awning is developing a communications hub to allow hosts to communicate with guests through their preferred email vendors and platforms.
  • Allegations of nepotism, discrimination against women, and a hostile work environment have been made against property manager Village Realty and RealJoy, prompting an investigation into the claims.

Airbnb recently reminded hosts that it plans to shutter its email alias feature September 30. The feature enables hosts and guests to email and share documents, such as PDFs of property guides, passports and other IDs from their regular emails accounts without having to log into Airbnb. Airbnb says there are safety reasons for the […]