Wednesday, July 5, 2023
Short-Term Rental Report

Airbnb’s Recession Buffer

  • Airbnb’s focus on domestic and self-catering travelers positions it well in an unfavorable macro environment with increased demand for vacation rentals.
  • Airbnb’s significant portion of long-term stays (28 days or more) makes it resilient during recessions and caters to individuals in need of temporary accommodation for relocation purposes.
  • Riverside County in California has allocated $1.8 million to strengthen enforcement of short-term rental regulations, indicating a growing focus on regulating the industry.

If you’ve read the various hot takes on the state of the housing market as indexed by Airbnb revenue, here are a few concerns you can put to rest. What will happen to the housing market in a recession is anybody’s guess, but speaking purely of Airbnb as a stock, the company has a few […]