Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Ritz-Carlton Properties in Melbourne and Perth Up for Sale

  • The Ritz-Carlton hotels in Melbourne and Perth are being sold for approximately $500 million, attracting bids from wealthy Australians and offshore investors.
  • Salter Brothers has purchased the Sofitel Adelaide Hotel for $154 million, marking a significant hotel transaction in Adelaide.
  • The Interlude, an urban wellness retreat, has opened in Melbourne‘s Pentridge prison, featuring unique design elements like an underground swimming pool.

The Ritz-Carlton in Melbourne and the one in Perth are being sold for about $500 million, according to various Australian news sources. The Australian Financial Review predicted ultra-high net worth Australians and offshore investors are expected to bid for the hotels after Far East Consortium put them on the market with price expectations of about $500 million. This follows the opening of […]