Thursday, July 13, 2023
Short-Term Rental Report

These 10 States Collect the Most in STR Taxes

  • Deckard Technologies provides tax data and analytics for short-term rentals, estimating tax revenue for U.S. counties with major rental markets.
  • Expedia terminates its supplier relationship with Hopper, affecting the availability of Expedia/Vrbo-sourced vacation rentals and hotel inventory on Hopper’s app.
  • Vancouver faces challenges in enforcing regulations for short-term rentals, with an increasing number of renters disregarding the law.

I have covered short-term rentals at Skift for a little over six months now, and in reporting on regulations around the world with its when will the hammer come down conjecture, I figured my time would be well-spent trying to understand some of the incentive behind the intention to regulate. And so, I did what […]