Thursday, September 21, 2023

Thailand’s Ambitious Plan to Attract 40 Million Tourists in 2023

  • Chinese hotel RevPAR surged by 59.6% YoY but remained 5.1% below 2019 levels for the week ending September 16th.
  • The Philippines is close to surpassing its 2023 tourist arrival target, with 3.87 million foreign visitors contributing Php316.9 billion in revenue.
  • Thailand aims to attract a record 40 million tourists in 2023 through visa-free systems, promotional efforts, and expanding direct flights, targeting international travelers with a focus on Chinese visitors.

STR reported Chinese hotel data for the week ended September 16th. Chinese hotel RevPAR was up 59.6% year over year. The week’s RevPAR was up against an easy decline of -11.5% year over year in the comparable result in 2022. Versus the same week in 2019, RevPAR was down -5.1%. The Philippines has welcomed 3.87 […]