Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Marriott’s Northern Marianas Venture Marks Milestone Expansion

  • Marriott expands into CNMI with the first Marriott hotel in the Northern Marianas Islands in 2025, partnering with Honest Profit International Ltd for management.
  • YOHO Treasure Island Resorts World Hotel in Macau announces its official opening after a four-month soft opening period, offering 600 rooms initially, and Melia Hotels International plans to open ME by Melia hotel in Guangzhou, Asia Pacific, in 2027.
  • DigiPlus Interactive Corp backpedals on plans to develop land in Boracay, Philippines, after a public dispute with former partner Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Marriott International announced its expansion into the CNMI, expecting to open the first Marriott hotel in the Northern Marianas Islands in 2025. Honest Profit International Ltd announced its partnership with Marriott through a hotel management agreement. The Marriott Resort Saipan will be a 300-room hotel, the one that was supposed to be Honest Profit’s Saipan Resort Hotel in San Antonio that was expected to cost $130 million […]