Monday, October 9, 2023

Oyo Reported to Get More Financial Backing

  • Macau’s Golden Week holiday saw a surge in visitors, with over 932,000 arrivals and high hotel occupancy rates, mainly driven by mainland Chinese tourists.
  • Indonesia plans a significant expansion in its tourism sector, aiming to attract up to $8 billion in investments for specific destinations.
  • Several new hotel properties by Accor and Hilton are announced in countries including Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

China wrapped up its Golden Week holiday with Macau’s sensational week being tempered somewhat due to a Typhoon heading towards them. We went from an average of 128,000 visitors a day on day 6 to ending the 8-day holiday with over 932,000 visitor arrivals, an average of close to 117,000 a day. Executives have mentioned 90%+ hotel occupancy […]