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Luxury Operator Inspirato Welcomes a New CEO

Luxury hospitality brand Inspirato has a new CEO: Eric Grosse. Grosse, who previously held a board position at Inspirato will…

Airbnb Pledges to Deliver On an Old Promise

As has been his habit about product changes, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky tweeted about updates the company is making to…

Buyers Walk Away From Second Homes

Happy hump day! And we continue to discuss the housing market and mortgages.  There was a 47% drop in mortgage-rate…

Inside Florida’s Short-Term Rental Squeeze

Happy Tuesday, folks! Welcome to a brand new week.  For this week, I’ve published reporting and analysis on Florida’s…

Colorado’s Seething Hosts

Consider this a precursor for a larger story later, but as someone who tracks short-term rentals, I find the events…

For the Love of Charts: Airbnb Vs. Vrbo

Happy hump day, folks – let’s get into it. I was reading this latest report from Skift’s director of research Wouter…

The Short-Term Rental Correction in the U.S. Was Sharp

This is not a story of “Airbnbust,” but instead we’re talking about a correction of the “Airbnboom” that has taken…

Phoenix Says, ‘Yes In My Backyard’

Phoenix, Arizona is having a YIMBY moment.  The city council voted Tuesday on allowing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in the…

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