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Daily Lodging Report and Skift Short-Term Rental Report were created with executive decision makers in mind – those who need concise, actionable intelligence from a trusted source. No fluff, no-nonsense.

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As a long term subscriber, The Daily Lodging Report is a valuable resource that allows me to succinctly keep track of the many developments in the gaming/lodging universe. I can catch up quickly on the events taking place in the lodging industry each day.

Andrew Zarnett

Managing Director, Head of Gaming, Investment Banking, Jefferies

The Daily Lodging Report has been a must read since I was a hotel school student with a focus in real estate finance – there is no better source of information for the hotel investment community, and certainly none that rivals the breadth and depth of information that The Daily Lodging Report provides.

David Rochefort

Former President, Graduate Hotels

The Daily Lodging Report is the one industry news source I read every day without fail, knowing it is a comprehensive but efficient and objective summary of everything I need to know about the lodging space that day. It is expertly edited and a great use of my reading time amid a sea of other less relevant and overtly sponsored content sources.

Steve Angel

Principal, Fulcrum Hospitality

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Subscribers receive reports as an email daily newsletter from Sunday-Thursday (Daily Lodging Report) Tuesday through Thursday (Skift Short-Term Rental Report).
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Why should I subscribe to Daily Lodging Report or Skift Short-Term Rental Report?

Our subscribers come from across the multiple sectors that drive the lodging industry: hotel brands, owners, operators, REITs, development, and more. We also have many investors (both public and private equity/venture capital) and investment banks/equity research providers subscribing first to Daily Lodging Report, and now Skift Short-Term Rental Report.

In addition to our written Reports, subscribers receive exclusive discounts and online access to attend our events.

In what formats are the Reports available?

Both Daily Lodging Report and Skift Short-Term Rental Report arrive as a plain-text email for all subscribers. Beginning with Reports published in August 2022, they are also available online at behind a login paywall. The Reports have a responsive design, so that subscribers can read them on desktop, laptop, tablet, or any mobile device.

Who writes Daily Lodging Report and Skift Short-Term Rental Report?

Daily Lodging Report has been written for over two decades by Alan Woinski and Kim Woinski. They use their industry expertise to boil down thousands of stories into an essential daily digest that is custom-built for professionals in the lodging industry. The lead reporter on Skift Short-Term Rental Report is Srividya Kalyanaraman, veteran business journalist and researcher.

How often do the Reports publish?

Subscribers receive Daily Lodging Report as an email daily newsletter from Sunday through Thursday (North America) and Monday through Thursday (Asia Pacific). The North America edition arrives shortly after markets close in New York, and Asia Pacific arrives in the early evening in Singapore. Skift Short-Term Rental Report is published Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Can I read the online version of the Reports if I am not a subscriber?

No. Online and email access are exclusive to paid subscribers.

Can I share Daily Lodging Report or Skift Short-Term Rental Report with my colleagues and professional network?

No, the individual subscription is intended for single use, and we monitor the sharing of passwords to enforce our copyright licenses. If you’re interested in having your team stay up-to-date on the latest lodging news, we also offer multi-user licenses for your immediate team or company-wide unlimited access.

Sharing accounts – including people at the same company – is not permitted and will result in cancelling the membership without a refund. Additionally, we prohibit the use of role-based emails.

How can I share what I’ve learned from reports?

Feel free to share certain quotes or lines of our a Report. When you do so, we ask that you cite the Report and add our logo on any document pages published. A simple citation will do: “According to Daily Lodging Report” or “According to Skift Short-Term Rental Report.”

How can I obtain a receipt from my purchase?

You will find a copy of your receipt in your account. Log in to your subscriber dashboard here: Transaction receipts can be found by clicking “Subscriptions” and then the link to “Transactions.”

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

No. While we can cancel or transfer the annual subscription, we do not offer refunds.

Will I have access to all previous Reports?

Not currently. The archive for Daily Lodging Report begins in August 2022 and the for Skift Short-Term Rental Report in June 2023. Over time we will add past months and years to the website and subscribers will have greater access.

What happens at the end of my annual subscription?

All individual subscriptions auto-renew at the end of the subscription period. If the billing information is up-to-date, subscribers are charged the annual fee and the subscription will continue. If you wish to change your billing information, you can do so under “Billing Method” in your account.

If you do not wish to renew your individual subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time before renewal happens by logging into your account at You will receive your Report(s) until the end of your subscription term.

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